Renter Insurance in West Palm Beach

As a renter, you may think that you are fully covered under the insurance of your landlord, but this is not always the case.

Although it may not seem like it, renters often have thousands of dollars worth of possessions kept in their rented space. Not having proper coverage could leave your assets at risk in the case of an emergency. That’s where Live Oak Insurance, Inc. comes in.

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Live Oak Insurance, Inc.’s Comprehensive Renter’s Insurance Consultations

Even if you don’t have many expensive possessions, the items in your home are probably worth at least a few thousand dollars when added up, not to mention the sentimental value of some pieces. 

When you come to us for a consultation, we will help you to determine the overall value of your rented property and what type of coverage you need. We may recommend that you get additional coverage if you own any particularly valuable items.

While there are numerous set-policies to choose from, we can always customize your renter’s insurance package to meet your unique needs. Of course, we will also use the consultation period to address any pressing questions or concerns you have before getting started.

Straightforward Home Renter’s Insurance Claims

Claiming with us is a straightforward process, so long as you have all your documents in order, including your lease, complete inventory of valuables, and insurance information. The quicker you get in touch with us, the sooner we can file your claim and get money back in your pocket.

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What Does Renter’s Insurance Cover?

Before investing in renter’s insurance, it’s essential to get an understanding of what your landlord’s insurance policy covers.

From there, the price and comprehensibility of your renter’s insurance will depend on the value of your belongings. Valuables may include electronics such as laptops, televisions, and smartphones, as well as expensive furniture, jewelry, and antiques. 

Most home renter’s insurance or apartment renter’s insurance will cover the loss of belongings in the case of a break-in involving theft. Some packages will also cover unavoidable damages. There are also personal liability options, in the case that someone is injured in your home and finds you liable.

The Best Renter’s Insurance Packages in West Palm Beach 

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